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GroundRubber slide tiles are 36" x 36" molded rubber mats designed to be installed in front of playground slide exits or under swing sets. These 5" thick tiles are safety tested to a fall height of 5 feet.

Besides providing a slip-resistant safety surface, Groundrubber slide tiles are also easy to install and maintain, and come in several different colors. We recommend also using GroundRubber Playground Cover as loose fill material to comply with ASTM standards.


GroundRubber wheel stops are lightweight, durable and easy to install in 3' or 6' lengths. Being made of rubber, they can absorb and redistribute impact, and reduce risk of damage to vehicles or property when parking. They also last longer than conventional concrete wheel stops and they are virtually maintenance free. Wheel stops are available plain or with yellow or white reflective safety stripes.

The following are available:

3 foot GroundRubber Wheel Stop ($20)
- requires 1 Spike Kit, sold separately

6 foot GroundRubber Wheel Stop ($39.95)
- requires 2 Spike Kits, sold separately

Spike Kits ($6)
- contains 2 spikes

These wheel stops received Best of Show and other awards at the 2005 Building and Landscape Product Design Competition.


GroundRubber anti-fatigue mats are very practical in workplace environments that involve long periods of standing, such as assembly lines, workshops, or food service. These mats provide much-needed cushioning comfort, reduce fatigue, and improve productivity for your employees. The non-skid surface is impact and chemical resistant. The underside has protruding nubs which enable air circulation and keeps the floor dry. Anti-fatigue mats are fully washable and easy to maintain, and can be cut to specific dimensions.

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