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About WCRR

Tire recycling established October of 1999
October 1, 1999 Gary's Tire Disposal started collecting tires from various tire dealers in the Greater Bay Area. In August of 2001 our name changed to West Coast Rubber Recycling (WCRR) and expanded our tire collection and sales territory. WCRR remanufactures scrap tires into the following markets:

Crumb Rubber:
Playground Covering and Horse Arena Footing
High Traffic Areas at Golf Courses
Injection and Pressure Molding Rubber Products

Tire Buffings:
Playground Pour-in-Place Applications
Press Molding Products

Civil Engineering Applications:
Scrap Tire Aggregate for Civil Engineering Applications

WCRR is permitted to properly handle your scrap tire needs using California Waste Tire Haulers permit number CIWMB #1004937-02. All tires collected are either disposed of or recycled in an appropriate manner at one of our two facilities located in Santa Clara County.

Our recycling center is located in Hollister (San Benito County) with 16,000 feet of recycling space, where all tires able to be recycled are shredded or buffed into useable products. Our complete shredding operation is able to handle tires as large as 20.5-25 and can be moved to handle tire cleanups as needed.

WCRR has also devoted a significant amount of research towards developing new and effective approaches for recycling, and now consistently develops new uses and markets for our recycled rubber.

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