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About WCRR

GroundRubber Horse Arena Cover is a unique rubber product that offers one of the safest and most resilient footings available for horses. GroundRubber can dramatically enhance the performance and comfort of your horses, and is appreciated by Dressage and Hunter Jumpers alike. GroundRubber is also odorless, and requires less watering and dragging than other footing products.

GroundRubber may cost a bit more initially, but it has a virtually unlimited lifespan, compared to other surfaces. It only needs to be installed once, it doesn't wash away, and is extremely cost effective to maintain.

GroundRubber has been shown to absorb much more impact than sand, shavings and mulch products. It effectively reduces the repeated concussion horses sustain from being ridden on hard surfaces, enabling them to perform at their best.

GroundRubber stall mats offer all the same benefits as the Horse Arena Cover with the advantage of being very easy to clean. This soft, durable surface provides more than enough cushioning support for your horse, and significantly reduces the need for stall bedding. You will virtually eliminate mucking and digging, saving time and money.

Preparation, Installation & Maintenance

Prior to GroundRubber being installed in horse arenas, the base should have 4-6 inches of crushed and compacted stone to the hardness of asphalt. Next sand should be added to assure proper depth, followed by GroundRubber. Finally drag the arena to insure complete mixture of the GroundRubber and sand.

To determine amount of GroundRubber needed, measure length x width to give us the square footage. Divide by 900 for a 1" depth, divide by 600 for 1 1/2" depth. GroundRubber can be added to an existing arena at anytime.

Additionally frequent dragging of an arena can greatly extend its life span. Frequency of dragging is determined by the footing and amount of use the arena gets.

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